Louboutin Shoes - 3m Invisible Clear Sole Protectors For Red Sole Louboutin Heels Shoes!!

$ 8

MORE YOU BUY MORE YOU SAVE!! ONE FLAT SHIPPING RATE OF 2.90$ FOR UP TO 10 PAIRS OF PROTECTORS WITHIN USA...... INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS FLAT RATE OF 12$ FOR UP TO 10 PAIRS OF PROTECTORS!!!! THAT MEANS YOU BUY 1 PAIR YOU PAY 12$ FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING,YOU BUY 2,3,6,8,10 PAIRS YOU ONLY PAY 12$ FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.. SHIPPING TO CANADA IS 8.50$ FLAT RATE UP TO 10 PAIRS!!! GENUINE 3M PROTECTIVE FILM, MADE IN USA.. Hello Ladies! I bought my first pair of Louboutin Heels about a year ago and since then I was trying to figure it out the best way to preserve the beautiful red paint! Lets be honest we spend so much money on those fabulous shoes we would like the new look to last a lifetime right? I came across the VIBRAMS red rubber soles but the idea of sanding down 2mm of brand new red paint plus sole on brand new Loubs its not ideal. I know a lots of knowledgeable cobblers wont even do it on brand new shoes. Whats the point of even buying the new ones and then sand them down? Red paint retouching in my opinion look horrible and you have to paint them after each wear and outer sole looks rough? I tried those 3M TECHNOLOGY red sole protectors and they are fantastic, look great, they are easy to put on and remove without any residue left on shoes!! Fairly cheap great solution to protect your investment that you can do it yourself!!! You have nothing to loose!! I put them on all of my louboutins and worn some day long and they are beautiful intact and preserving the red paint. Of course you need to monitor the wear and replace them every 2-3-4 times depending on how longwhere and how you wear them!!! If you are like me and wearing them on occasions once a week, cocktail parties, wedding etc this is a absolutely perfect solution for you!!! In each sale I will include a 1 PAIR of 3.5 inches wide by 6 inches long clear sole protectors with simple instructions attached!!!!!OTHER SELLERS SELL SIMILAR ONE ONLY 5 INCHES LONG, PERSONALLY THINK 6 INCHES ARE MUCH BETTER AND GIVE BETTER COVERAGE TO RED SOLE!!! They work the best on new unworn Louboutin but I put them also on my one time gently worn ROSE PINK PIVICHIC and they stay intact and fabulous, Im trying to preserve whats left of red sole(see pic12).. PLEASE SEE MY PHOTOS!!! I also took a picture of my Louboutin Black Completa Heels (pic8)after I worn them twice days long to show you how the protectors look after wear! I worn the completa pair all day Easter on rocky surface and the protector still looks great HOW TO PUT THEM ON SIMPLE STEPS!!! 1* make sure shoes are clean 2* trace the shape of sole on 3M paper side!! Not on clear side!! 3*cut it out the traced part.. From what I learned the best way its to cut 1mm more than your tracing and then trim the protector on your shoes!! Its better to have more than not enough!! 4*peel the clear part away from the paper part 5*using a water bottle spray the sticky clear part (EYEGLASS CLEANER OR SOAPY WATER IN SPRAY BOTTLE WORKS MAGIC) If you dont have a water bottle you can use wet baby wipe on the soles instead. The wetness will help with easy slippery movement of the protector on shoes 6*stick wet protector to your outer red sole 7* using your fingers smooth out the water and air bubbles until gone. Make sure all side and protector is firmly attached 8* wipe the protector out of water once all visible air and water bubbles are smoothed out 9*leave the shoes for few hours, I left my shoes overnight for the protector to work the best!! 10* READY TO WEAR! ENJOY AND MONITOR THE WEAR ONCE YOU WANT TO REPLACED THEM PEEL THE TINY SIDE PERHAPS ON TOE AREA AND USE THE WARM HEAT FROM HAIR DRYER ON PROTECTOR FOR EASIER REMOVAL.. NO RESIDUE OR STICKNESSS LEFT AND YOU CAN PUT THE NOW ONES ON!! PLEASE ANY QUESTIONS contact me I will be happy to help. Im active member of purseblog and I use those protectors on my shoes and I think they work fantastic. All pictures and shoes shown in this listing are mine! Like I mentioned before you have nothing to lose, if they dont work for you, I doubt it, hey you would wear them outside anyway right? P.S I HAVE 3M TECHNOLOGY AND ZAGG CLEAR SOLE PROTECTORS IF YOU PREFER THEM...ZAGG PROTECTORS ARE A TINY BIT THICKER .INSTRUCTIONS AND STEPS ARE THE SAME FOR BOTH ONLY DIFFERENT BRAND!!PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER AUCTION

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