Custom Wheels - Rim Shield - Custom Wheel Protector- Makes Detailing Tires Effortless And Fast!

$ 20

Rim Shield is a lightweight, hand-held detailing tool designed to keep spray-on tire shine products where they belong, on your tires, not on your rims! Some tire shine products can be corrosive, greasy and can discolor chrome and aluminum wheels. These products also attract dirt, grime and brake dust which can make those shiny chromealloy rims look dirty, dark and dull. Rim Shield makes dressing your tires almost an effortless chore as it allows you to spray your tires as wet looking as you like and go directly to the next without having to wipe any kind of over spray off of you wheels! Rim Shield made its debut at the 2010 SEMA Shows New Product Showcase and has been making automotive enthusiasts detailing jobs easier ever since! Rim Shield is made of tough, lightweight utility grade ABS which is UV and chemical resistant and will last for many, many years. Each Rim Shield sells for 19.95, a great price for all the aggravation that it will save you! Rim Shield is available in sizes 14 to 24 and unlike many cheaper plastic products, Rim Shields durability is proudly made right here in the USA! Also, please check out our 100% positive feedback from our Ebay customers. They love their Rim Shield! To order the size you need, please use the Note to Seller feature on our listing and let us know what size rims you have. Thanks and happy detailing!

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