Custom Wheels - 20x8.5 American Racing Vn 472 Custom Bilt Chevy Ford Dodge Mopar Wheels

$ 444

RONS RIMS-888-734-1999 TOLL FREE!! 20x8.5 AMERICAN RACING VN 472 CUSTOM BILT CHEVY FORD DODGE MOPAR WHEELS JUST NEW FOR 2012,,, AMERICAN RACING VINTAGE BURNOUT SERIES CUST BILT ONLY WHEELS,,, BLACK CENTER,, POLISHED ONE STEP LIP,,, (SIMILAR TO BOYD ) ,,AVAILABLE CUSTOM BACKSPACINGS AVAILABLE,,, THIS AUCTION IS PER WHEEL,, 20X8.5 5 ON 4.5 BOLT PATTERN (FORDMOPAR ECT) 5 ON 4.75 BOLT PATTERN (GM ) TAKES 3 WEEKS TO BILT,,, CUSTOM BACKSPACING AVAILABLE ( 3.5 TO 6.5 ) ALSO COME 17X8,,17X9,,18X7,8,9,10 AND 12,, AND 20 OPTIONS EMAIL OUR TECK GUYS FOR HELP,, Condition: New andale andalesell Payment Options: PayPal Shipping Options: Domestic shipping: Fixed Shipping Charges. Shipping Carrier Domestic Ups Ground $25.00 I will ship to: United States Payment Policy: PayPal: PLEASE USE PAYPAL,,,,OR CALL US @ 888-734-1999---IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS CHECKING OUT RONS RIMS-888-734-1999 TOLL FREE!! NEW HRS 9-5 DAILY SAT 9-1 --814-860-4465 (GOES TO CELL) ,,-PLEASE CALL IF YOU NEED HELP WITH FITTMENT FREIGHT RATES STATED ARE FOR THE DOMESTIC 48 STATES ,, NOT HAWAII PRALASKA,, CALL OR EMAIL WE ARE NOW SHIPPING TO MOST OVERSEAS COUNTRYS VIA UPS AIR FREIGHT AUSTRALIA ( USUALLY BETWEEN 325 AND 425.00 A SET OF 4 WHEELS ) !!!!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE WHEELS WITHOUT A FREIGHT QUOTE OF OF THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR OUR OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS CALL US TILL 9 EST: CELL PHONE DIRECT 814-860-4465 IF YOU NEED HELP WITH FITTMENT WEVE BEEN DOING VINTAGE AND CUSTOM BUILT WHEELS FOR SOME TIME NOW,,, WILL BE GLAD TO HELP FITTING WHEELS ON YOUR CUSTOM RIDE Vendio Images: More than just a pretty image. 150 FREE professional templates with Vendio Sales Manager. Vendio provides powerful selling automation for sellers of all sizes. FREE Counters used in millions of listings - Vendio! More than just a pretty picture.  Try Vendio Image Hosting. please call our cell if toll free is busy @ 814-460-5292 9-5 est

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